An invitation from Leon Shaw, Founder and Chairman, Audio Advice

Why you will want to attend Music Matters 2012

Music Matters is an annual highlight for Audio Advice, and this year will be no exception. Digital audio continue to grow by leaps and bounds, and you’ll get ears and eyes full at this year’s event. There are things you’ll hear and see that will improve your musical enjoyment at every budget level-from the tiny DragonFly USB DAC that can be used with any computer, all the way to the superb new Reference DAC Digital Media Bridge from Audio Research. We have a spectacular new JBL Synthesis speaker set up in Raleigh for you to experience in our reference theater, and in Charlotte, MartinLogan will be on hand to demo their new Montis speakers. Michael Fremer, the popular Stereophile columnist whose presentations were a huge hit at Music Matters a few years ago will be with us as well. Along with all the great new stuff being demoed, we’ll have food and wine (from Bella Monica in Raleigh, and Born to Cook in Charlotte) to enjoy between sessions. Music Matters 2012 will have plenty more to keep you busy: take a look below and in the individual entries in our website blog for specifics.

If you plan to attend, please help us plan by sending an RSVP to with your name, the location where you will be attending, and the number in your party.

Who's coming and what to look for

 Special Guest: Michael Fremer of Stereophile Magazine and

AudioQuest – the new DragonFly DAC, receiving rave reviews for performance and price, and a hit at CEDIA 2012

Audio Research – Reference DAC Digital Media Bridge, chosen as one of the Stars of CES 2012 by What Hi-Fi magazine (UK)

Ayre – the highly anticipated AX-5 Integrated Amplifier, with an area premiere at Music Matters. Be among the first to hear.

B&W/Classé/Rotel- new B&W DB1 reference subwoofer, Classé  CP-800 all digital preamp, new B&W PM1 bookshelf speakers, new Rotel RA-2 integrated amp

GoldenEar- their superb Triton 2 floorstanding speakers, and the acclaimed compact Aon 3 bookshelf speakers. (Sandy Gross, GoldenEar founder will be in Raleigh on the 24th.)

JBL and NAD (Raleigh) – JBL Synthesis speaker array in Raleigh reference theater, new NAD C 390DD power amplifier

MartinLogan (Charlotte) – the new, highly praised Montis speakers

Peachtree Audio- the leader in the computer audio revolution. Peachtree has some great new toys including their flagship Grand Integrated and the Nova 125.

PSB Speakers - hear the new headphones the audio world is raving about. Nothing beats PSB for enjoying your music while mobile or at your desk, and also experience their great Imagine T2 tower speakers.

Transparent Cable – hear the difference in musical enjoyment that great cables and interconnects will make in your system, including their new Reference Digital Cable.

Again, if you plan to attend, please help us plan by sending an RSVP to with your name, the location where you will be attending, and the number in your party.

We hope to see you at the October Music Matters evening in Raleigh (8621 Glenwood Ave.) on Wednesday October 24, or in Charlotte at our Pineville showroom (11409 Carolina Place Parkway, near Carolina Place Mall) on Thursday October 25. Each evening will last from 6 PM to 9 PM. Come and enjoy good food, good friends and a great time!