My son called me into our home theater room the other night. He said: “Dad, sit here and listen to this.” First of all, I was proud to hear him talk in those terms. Then I noticed there was a video game on the screen. He started the game, cranked up the volume and proceeded to have me smiling ear to ear. The game was Dirt 2, on PlayStation3. It flat out has incredible effects! When the car slams into a wall (which happens all the time when I drive) you really feel it. On dirt and gravel tracks the surround is done so well you hear rocks flying over your head as you spin out.

My message here is two fold. First, if you have a great theater and have not put your gaming system into it, you really need to. More importantly, if you are into gaming and don’t have a great theater, you are missing out on a ton of the experience. My son is home this summer from college. Being an avid gamer, he tells me the sound system adds a complete new dimension to his gaming experience. Previously, he used a pretty good set of high end gaming headphones, but he says this is a world better. We’re going to hook up some consoles in our stores to show everyone there is another way a great theater can make you grin from ear to ear!


I’ve been watching a ton of movies in my theater lately, and thought I would share some of my favorites with you from the last few weeks. There is the blockbuster Avatar, which sounds great and is a ton of fun, but the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is another fun movie with an awesome soundtrack. Plus, it’s in 2:35 for those of you with the new widescreen technology. The Book of Eli is another great sounding film and if you are a lover of wine, the movie Bottle Shock, while not as polished from an audio or video standpoint, is really enjoyable.  (Leon)