Audio Advice Security expert Lee Campbell recommends this list of home security tips compiled by a retired NYPD detective. 

  1. Get to know your neighbors. (Their children, activities, and vehicles.)
  2. Install motion activated security lighting.
  3. Replace door strike plate screws with 3” screws where possible. (Not possible with side lights on a door.)
  4. Use variable light timers when on vacation.
  5. Have trusted neighbors set out your trash on garbage day.  Have them pick up your papers and mail or put a stop on it while away.
  6. For sliding doors, use a rod 1” longer than the opening and place at an angle with the lower end against the sliding door.
  7. Caution on window pins.  They may restrict entry, but they are dangerous during a fire.
  8. Keep your landscaping cut low around windows.
  9. Consider plants with thorns such as holly in front of windows.
  10. Never leave ladders exposed.
  11. Consider leaving music playing while not at home.
  12. Install a monitored security system.
  13. Yard signs from a legitimate security company have shown to reduce your chance of a break in by 15% or more, but make sure your bushes have not grown to cover them up.
  14. If you are away during the day, leave blinds and shutters open so neighbors can see in.

In North Carolina, most break-ins occur between 9AM and 3PM. It’s a good idea to keep the alarm on and doors locked during the day as well as night.

 Audio Advice provides a wide variety of home security systems (with monitoring options) along with our many home entertainment possibilities. We can install a Lutron lighting system that plays back a vacation schedule that can vary day to day, plus timer-activated music systems. Consult with our security professionals and see what’s right for your home.