For those of you who embrace the concept of getting music from the cloud, MOG is the latest and greatest in the race for your monthly subscription.

First, let me give you a quick run-down of what I mean by cloud based music. Music broadcasting started with regular old AM and FM radio. It was not cloud based, but you tuned to a station and got music. XM and Sirius satellite radio were the next phase in the evolution of broadcast music, offering custom stations targeted to specific kinds of music genres and commercial free, all for a small monthly fee. Next, the popularity of high speed internet connections led to music streaming in from “the cloud.” This is music based on the internet, stored away from your physical location. Rhapsody was one of the pioneers offering unlimited internet music choices for a monthly fee. Then Pandora and a host of others came along. For a very low yearly fee, Pandora lets you tell the system what type of music you like and plays similar kinds. Both Pandora and Rhapsody have pretty low bit rates, meaning they are not very close to CD quality.

MOG has been around since 2005 (with a launch in 2007), but has recently added a bunch of features that make it very interesting. The CEO of MOG was the founder of Gracenote, the world’s largest music database, which sold to Sony for $260m. I believe MOG gives you the best of both Pandora and Rhapsody, and it has a much higher bit rate of 328kbs. It’s still not CD quality, but a lot closer. MOG costs $10 per month for the service. For this you get all of the features of Rhapsody with millions of songs you can access and store as playlists. You also get an even better variation of what Pandora offers.  In MOG you choose an artist, then you can decide to what degree you want to hear songs from that artist only, or a bigger variety of similar artists. They call this the “slider” and I just love the concept. Unlike Pandora, where you have no insight into upcoming songs, MOG gives you a full view of what it intends to play next, giving you the ability to directly skip to a song you might enjoy.

My favorite feature of MOG is all of the information you can get about the current artist playing.  Many times I will sit listening to music and go onto the internet to try and pull up lyrics of a song or the webpage of the artist to learn more about them. This is all built into MOG!!

MOG also has a very cool scheme of using social networking to share and learn about music.  You can see what your friends are playing and find out what songs they listen to the most, which will help you find new music.

Right now MOG is available on your computer, smart phone, or Roku, but MOG will soon be coming to Sonos, one of our favorite delivery devices for cloud based music!

You can try MOG free for 2 weeks to decide if you like. I’d suggest you check it out.