The year was 1979. Audio Advice had opened up it’s first high end audio room and had brought in an interesting new product, a turntable isolation base from a new start up out of New York City called VPI. Throughout the years, Audio Advice has sold truckloads of VPI turntables.

Fast forward to 2013 and once again, VPI has a great new product in the Traveler turntable. It actually came out in 2012, but VPI was hammered by hurricane Sandy and is just getting these back into production.

The Traveler is unique in being the only entry level turntable completely made in the United States, and made well it is! This puppy is just a steal for the money. The turntable bearing feels like something you would expect on a turntable costing 3 times as much. The tonearm uses sapphire bearings! The platter weighs more than you would expect, which results in that famous VPI speed stability. Put this all together and you have a turntable that performs like it should be $3000, but its only $1399!

Vinyl sales are making a huge comeback as more and more people discover and rediscover the great sound found in those black grooves. We can not think of a better way to get into the fun of vinyl than picking up a Traveler. And, as with any turntable purchased from Audio Advice, we’ll help you pick out a great cartridge for it. Then we’ll install it and calibrate the turntable for free! Since we’ve done thousands of turntables, we have the experience to get it perfect.

VPI also donates a portion of all Traveler profits towards the fight against pancreatic cancer and to the Girl Scouts of America.

We invite you to come in and check out the Traveler, and right now we even have some in stock!

(Check the video below to see how each VPI Traveler turntable is tested.)