Legendary speaker designer Sandy Gross at a recent GoldenEar Triton One unveiling.

When you think of the world's greatest speaker designers of the last 50 years, the list is not a long one. After you subtract those who are no longer making speakers, it's really short!

Sandy Gross of GoldenEar Technology is certainly on this short list. Sandy came out of retirement to start GoldenEar a few years ago. In that short span of time he has garnered more positive reviews for his speakers than just about any others I can think of.

Sandy is paying a quick visit to our Charlotte area showroom in Pineville on Wednesday March 11. He will be available to take questions and demo his new GoldenEar Triton One from 5 PM to 7 PM. We invite you to stop in, say hello to Sandy and hear some great tunes.

Our showroom is located at 11409 Carolina Place Parkway, Pineville, NC (former Tweeter building near Carolina Place Mall)

Please RSVP by email if you plan to attend on March 11th to [email protected] (or by phone to (704) 821-4510 as soon as possible. We hope to see you on March 11th!

GoldenEar Technology Triton One Loudspeaker

GoldenEar Technology Triton One Loudspeaker