Ivan called me into our main listening/workroom the other day to hear a system he had assembled so a customer could do a test listening. I knew the gear was really good for the money, but I had no idea how great it was until Ivan played me a few snippets.

The set up is the new Golden Ear Super Cinema Soundbar, their smallest subwoofer, the ForceField 3, and a pair of the Aon 2s for surrounds. All this was driven by the entry level Integra 20.4 receiver.

The Super Cinema has probably gotten more positive press than any speaker in recent memory, and I must say it is well deserved. This entire speaker package sells for $2300. Properly set up and fine tuned, it can rival systems costing at least twice as much! Ivan and I had a fun time debating over the exact cross over points for the Super Cinema, but once we had it nailed down for the room, the results were just spectacular!

The sound field is far wider than the footprint of the Super Cinema, with all kinds of three-dimensionality. Special effects seemed to hang in space! And while this will not play as loud as our reference theater, for a normal space (especially something like a bedroom) it's just amazing. The cool thing is, you can hang the Super Cinema under the TV, substitute a couple of GoldenEar Invisa Series in-ceilings for surrounds, and you have a complete stealth system delivering awesome audio performance. Thanks to Ivan for setting this up:  it should get everyone’s serious consideration for a entry surround system.

Just one week later the new Golden Ear Triton Sevens arrived. The Seven is a new tower speaker from Golden Ear. It breaks the mold in the Triton lineup, as there is no powered subwoofer. Of course, for $1400 a pair that would be very hard to pull off! The new Triton Sevens are just shy of 40” tall and in their slim, black cabinet look very sleek. Reviews are just starting to come out on the Sevens, and needless to say, as with most of the Golden Ear products, they are extremely positive. I had a few minutes to spend with the Sevens this week, and they are just stunning for $1400. I played some audiophile standards along with some raunchy sounding great old rock and roll recordings. The wonderful thing is, everything is very easy to listen to with very good dynamics, spaciousness, and really good bass for a speaker of this compact size. There is quite a bit packed into the small cabinet: their now famous ribbon tweeter, dual 5 ¼” midrange drivers and dual 8” sub-radiators. Sandy Gross of Golden Ear certainly has another winner on his hands with these!

A view of the new Super Cinema 3D Array

A view of the new Super Cinema 3D Array

If you are thinking about new speakers in the sub $2500 per pair price range, put the $1400  Triton Seven duo on your short list!