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Why We Listen to Music

Scholars have sought to discover the reasons behind our shared joy of music. Their findings, though far from definitive, are nonetheless insightful. From escapism to health to social cohesion, the reasons behind our shared love of music are as numerous as the genres in your local record shop.

And at least one of them probably aligns with your own reasons for listening.

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Sony ES Receiver Lineup Comparison (2017)

The 2017 lineup of Sony ES home theater receivers defines new levels of features, performance, and warranty in their category. Let’s go over their features, detailing out what they share in common, what the differences are as you move up, and most importantly, helping you figure out which one is the best for your room and home theater system.

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What is a Phono Preamp?

With the resurgence of vinyl over the last several years, a whole new generation is getting into turntables. With so much “plug and play” technology, we find that people who are younger or have never used a turntable before expect to that a turntable will just play, or at least simply connect to their existing stereo system or speakers.

What they’re forgetting is one of the most critical pieces to any vinyl playback system — a phono preamp.

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Best Powered Speakers to Pair With a Turntable

If you’re just getting started with vinyl, a quality pair of powered speakers provides a solid foundation for a system you can grow with over time. Upgrading your speakers can enhance your vinyl listening experience.

Let’s take a closer look at three great brands that offer good powered speakers for turntables. Assuming you have an entry-level turntable in the $200-$500 range, any of these speaker sets will help you build a great-sounding system.

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Sony Raises the Bar with New OLED TV, 4K Projectors, and ES Receivers

Sony is the only video brand that has their hand in every step of the filmmaking process, from the camera the film is shot on, to the video production studio, to the professional projectors, and finally the products in your home. The other reason we are drawn to Sony is that of their outstanding reliability and customer support. They are simply one of the best in the business!

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Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Master and Dynamic calls their headphones the modern thinking cap. We feel this is a great description that is especially fitting for the wireless MW60. With these headphones, you can seal yourself off from the world and get creative—without wires. We also love the classic color choices and retro design look of the MW60. If you like the idea of no wires, you will love the MW60.

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