One of the best holiday gifts we can think of is a Sonos system.  Sonos brings the world of streaming music to your fingertips. You can access anything in your iTunes library along with almost every single streaming service available.  It’s easy to start with just one Sonos item. Then, continue adding to it to grow your system.

If you already have a whole house audio system in place, we’ll love showing you how easy and inexpensive it is to upgrade to the world of streaming music. Our most popular Sonos piece is the Connect. This small network component has audio and digital out to connect to your existing system and start your music streaming. Audio Advice has everything Sonos offers ready to demo for you in both our Charlotte and Raleigh showrooms. We invite you to visit and check out Sonos systems during the holiday season.

Learn about the Sonos Wireless Music system in-depth at this link.