The DragonFly is an easy way to improve the sound from your computer.  No computer manufacturer spends money on the sound card inside the machine. If it makes noise, that’s good enough. However, did you know you can plug in this tiny USB device and bypass the sound card? It’s so simple - you just plug it in and go.

The DragonFly works with laptops or desktops: all you need is a standard USB port. AudioQuest spent a lot of time developing micro DACs that fit in this little USB stick. To hear the improvement, plug in your headphones or powered speakers (like the PSB PS1) and you are off and running! You can use it on the go with your laptop or at your desk. At $199, it’s a steal.

Update- we just got in the new Dragonfly 1.2.  It's even better and less $$$!  It's now $149!!!!

More about the AudioQuest DragonFly here.