It’s always an interesting when you get to experience something for the first time in a controlled, familiar environment that you have seen earlier at a trade show.  Most trade show environments are noisy, crowded, and the likelihood of getting a good seat about 5%.  Yesterday a few of us at Audio Advice got to see some 4K demo material first hand in our Raleigh reference theater.

We redid our reference theater a few months ago and installed the biggest screen we could fit in there to go with the new Sony 4K VPLVW1000ES front projector.  Check out my earlier blog here.  This projector has 4 times the pixel count of a typical 1080p projector.  In our showroom, this projector has just flat out looked fantastic.  It will do a 2:35 image without the need for an anamorphic screen and has such a high pixel count, you can sit closer than ever before which results in a much more engaging experience.

The Sony F65 Movie Camera

The Sony F65 Movie Camera

At a couple of recent trade shows, we have seen some snippets of 4K demo material.   On November 8, we were very fortunate to have a group of Sony engineers (one who came all the way from Japan) come visit Audio Advice to talk about the future of 4K.  The cool part was, they brought with them two industrial suitcases that housed a 4K playback system.

Every single person who entered the room while this was playing had their jaw on the floor.  Experiencing true 4K for the first time is very similar to the first time you saw HDTV.  This is no gimmick like the current crop of 3D content, this is the real deal.  Heck, you do not even need 3D as the picture looks so three dimensional and totally lifelike.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard more “wow’s” in a 45 minute time span!

Sony has developed a new camera for the movie industry called the F65.  This is the highest resolution movie camera out there.  They had a short clip of some surfers done with this camera.  You could swear the waves were right in front of you, everything just looked so real!  We saw clips of some upcoming movies, some nature content, some outdoor concerts, and more.  The Sony 4K experience is flat out like nothing you have ever seen.  Now that we have seen it in a familiar environment, I will guarantee this will be the future of home theater.

For now, we will all have to settle for viewing 1080p content on the Sony projector that it can up-convert to 4K.  The great news, from what we learned yesterday, is there are already 75 movies either in the planning stages or already out there shot in 4K.  Sony is not quite sure yet how they will deliver 4K content into the home, but it is coming, more than likely sometime in late 2013. (To help in marketing 4K to the general public, the CEA has announced that what used to be called 4K will be known as Ultra High Definition, or Ultra HD for the home.)

Thanks so much to our friends at Sony who took the time to come to Raleigh, NC to show a small group of us the real future of home theater. And, if you have not been by to check out our new reference theater, you really should.  It’s an amazing experience!