• Battery powered shades are available in thousands of fabrics
  • Greatly enhance your daytime TV viewing
  • Protect your furniture, art, and floor coverings

If you think pressing a button on your remote and having the lights in your room turn down is cool, think about how it would be if that same button-press lowered shades on all your windows!

Blocking out sunlight is the best way to make daytime TV viewing a better experience. This feature used to be reserved for either new construction (or needed lots of retrofit wiring) as the shades themselves needed both power and control. Now here is great news: beginning in mid-November, this will no longer be the case with Lutron’s new battery powered shades with over 1500 fabrics available! The new roller shades are powered by D batteries, and Lutron patented technology provides three to five years of battery life during normal use (consisting of two up and down cycles every day).  Better yet, the price of the shades has dropped significantly.

Many fabrics will block out the glare on your TV, yet let you see out just fine.  Another side benefit is keeping sunlight off your furniture, art and carpets to prevent fading, and retaining their original beauty. We can even program your shades to respond to the path of the sun!

Get in touch with our consultants in Raleigh or Charlotte and let us show you how easy it is to install motorized shades in your home.  And when you do, ask about our special Lutron offer:

Buy any Lutron RA2 Lighting Control System (10 or more dimmers) and get a free battery powered shade up to $700 value. (Choose from cellular or roller shades, with a huge range of material options.) Offer good through Dec. 31, 2013.