An Invitation from Leon Shaw, Founder and Chairman

Please join us for Music Matters 2014

Raleigh: Wed., Nov. 12th: Charlotte: Thurs., Nov. 13th

(5:30 pm to 9 pm each evening)

Music Matters is once again showcasing stunning possibilities for your musical enjoyment at home. Many of the partners listed below are going the extra mile and sending their newest and best for you to experience firsthand! A full slate of presentations, great food and drink from Bella Monica (Raleigh) and Chef Charles (Charlotte) and a fun crowd makes Music Matters a can't miss event!

If you plan to attend, please help us plan by sending an RSVP to [email protected] with your name, the location where you will be attending, and the number in your party.

Who is coming and what to look for

Aerial – Michael Kelly  is bringing in a pair of Aerial 20T loudspeakers for your listening pleasure.

Audio Research – Dave Gordon will demo some of ARC's latest and best.

AudioQuest – Jett Logan will talk about the future of high resolution audio.

Ayre – Alex Brinkman is bringing in the new Ayre big guns. Listen to Ayre’s state of the art preamp and mono power amps.  This could be the best solid state gear we have had in our store.  (Raleigh only)

Bowers & Wilkins / Classé – The new Sigma SSP is a surround processor for music lovers. Jamie Kraft and Doug Henderson will showcase this extremely competent and flexible piece through new CM series 2 speakers from B&W.

GoldenEar – The new and highly acclaimed Triton 1 presented by John Miller. No need to say more!

MartinLogan – Dennis Chern is sending us the new Neolith speakers. This is Martin Logan’s new statement high performance speaker. At around $80,000 a pair, these should be fun!

Naim Ian McArthur will introduce Naim to the Audio Advice family. A 41 year old UK company, Naim has a different approach to digital. Learn why it’s some of the best sounding digital we have ever heard.

Sonos – Learn about high resolution streaming on demand. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Sonos will show you how the new Deezer service can change your mind about high quality streaming.

Sony – This presentation is video oriented, but we could not pass up an opportunity to have the Sony team here to tell us about upcoming news in 4K technology.  (Raleigh only) In Raleigh and Charlotte, hear the new Sony Digital Walkman, and their flagship Hi-res Digital Music Player. 

Transparent – Bill Peugh will present a great seminar on why audio cables make a difference

Again, if you plan to attend, please help us by sending an RSVP to [email protected] with your name, the location where you will be attending, and the number in your party.

We hope to see you at Music Matters in Raleigh (8621 Glenwood Ave.) on Wednesday, Nov. 12, or in Charlotte at our Pineville showroom (11409 Carolina Place Parkway, near Carolina Place Mall) on Thursday, Nov. 13. Each evening will last from 5:30 to 9:00. Come and enjoy good food, good friends and a great time!