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Editors choice home theater install

At Audio Advice  we are convinced the one thing that provides the most satisfaction and just plain fun is a well done, front projection home theater system.

A great home theater system provides a venue to enjoy movies the way they were meant to be, experience sports like nothing short of being there,  and can also be a wonderful music system to wind down to, plus a great way to immerse yourself in video games on PlayStation or XBOX.  Done right, there is just nothing like it.

Our clients also tell us over and over, they all love their Audio Advice home theater and wind up using it far more then they ever expected!

The phrase “done right” is very open ended.  At Audio Advice, we have taken home theater to the max in some homes, installing systems with huge screens and speakers that are bigger and almost as heavy as a small car, for budgets that could easily buy a very nice home.  (When you have a large budget, it becomes a bit easier to pick out the gear.)


However, we not only look for the very best products available, but also the very best values.  So we thought: what if we put together a home theater system that can provide amazing performance for the money?  It would have to be made up of components where each one was a killer value for the money. Does this system compete with the big ones?  Not totally, but it may be something that nothing else can touch for the price.  We think we might just have the best possible home theater system one could put together for under (are you ready?) $10,000 installed in most homes: the Editor’s Choice home theater!

We introduced the Editor’s Choice in 2011 and it has been a big hit!  For 2013 there are some model upgrades.  You have to come hear and see just how good this theater is for the $$$!

Oppo, Epson, and PSB are three undisputed leading brands when it comes to value for the money.  Integra receivers continue to be our favorite receiver line.   These pieces are the core choices for this great value home theater system.  Let’s dig in and learn some more about them….


We’ll start with the projector.  The Epson 3D 4030 at just $2499 is one of the very best deals on the market.  It uses Epson’s 3LCD, 3 chip technology to deliver an image that is just hard to beat for its price.  It has an almost silent fan, comes with a spare lamp and projector mount, 3D glasses, and gives you optional value in moving up to a 2:35 wide screen later on with it’s ability to support an anamorphic lens.  But the best part is its three year, hot swap warranty.  Epson will ship us a brand new projector to replace yours with should you have trouble within the first three years!


Next is the Blu-ray player.  Rather than selecting a disposable $150 model from Sony, Panasonic, or Samsung, we decided to include the Oppo.  Yes, it’s more, but worth every penny.  The BDP-103 is Oppo’s best value.  If you read the reviews, you will find there is nothing like it for the money, and it gets you tons of streaming services including Netflix, Vudu, Pandora, and more.


From the Blu-ray player we go to the heart of the system, the audio/video receiver.  For years and years, Integra has won many awards for making products that flat out perform.  In the Integra 30.5 you get great performance along with some new features including Audyssey Volume. Read more here in our Integra section.  Audyssey volume will take those annoying loud commercials and reduce them to a realistic level.  And lets not forget the new video processing in the Integra 30.5 which has been specifically designed to make streaming content (Netflix) look better!  Couple that with full streaming capability on the one end and the ability to play back super hi resolution audio files in 192/24 and you’ve got a receiver that can be the heart of a great system for many years to come!


PSB Speakers, led by Paul Barton, has placed more speakers in  recommended speaker lists than any other speaker manufacturer, period. Absolute Sound magazine put seven different PSB speakers in their 2011 recommended components list.  (The next closest brand had 3!)  The Image series is getting accolades from all over the world for how well it performs compared to speakers costing many times more.  Our theater includes the Image Tower 6, the C5 center channel, Sub 125 Subwoofer, and a pair of either CW26 in walls or bookshelf B5 for surrounds.  Check out some of the reviews here.


We complete the system with a 100” screen from our favorite value screen maker, Screen Innovations of Texas; HDMI cabling from Audioquest; a custom programmed remote from Universal; surge protection from Panamax; and complete installation by our highly skilled technicians from Audio Advice. We back it up with our unmatched 24 hour, 7 day a week support.

You’ll also get the experience of our skilled technicians in calibrating your theater.  This can make a huge difference in the performance you get.  It never ceases to amaze us just how big a difference this makes.  With all of the settings available now on both the bluray player and receivers, its not something to take lightly.  Do it right, and your theater looks and sounds great!

Turn that bonus room or basement space into your dream theater with this “Best of the Best” system from Audio Advice at only $9995,* fully installed in most homes.**  For those of you needing help finishing out a room, Audio Advice has several very skilled contractors and decorators we can refer you to who are used to doing home theater and media room projects.

*plus sales tax

**for most modern homes with a crawl space or attic space, may be slightly more in older construction