e-Gift Card Policy

Redeeming e-Gift Cards

e-Gift cards can be purchased on AudioAdvice.com.

Audio Advice e-gift cards are redeemable at AudioAdvice.com. After entering your e-gift card code during checkout, the balance will immediately be deducted from the order total. If your order total exceeds the amount on your e-gift card, you can pay the remainder with a credit or debit card, Paypal account, or Amazon account.


Audio Advice e-gift cards do not expire or decrease in value if unused.

Check Your Balance

To check your e-gift card balance, you can enter the e-gift card code at checkout prior to placing your order and view your balance. You may also call us at 888.899.8776 and we're happy to look up the balance for you.

Any remaining balance on the gift card after purchase can be used for future purchases. Balances cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash.


  • Audio Advice e-gift cards cannot be returned or canceled after purchase.
  • Refunds for orders paid with a gift card are applied to the original gift card, store credit, or you may be issued a new gift card.
  • If you return a product purchased with multiple methods of payment, the refund is first applied to the credit or debit card or Paypal or Amazon account, up to the original amount charged, and then to the e-gift card.

Lost Or Stolen e-Gift Cards

Audio Advice e-Gift Cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen without proper proof of purchase. Please treat e-Gift Cards like cash.


Audio Advice reserves the right to refuse, cancel, or hold e-Gift Cards and orders for suspected fraud, for cards mistakenly issued in an incorrect denomination, or for other violations of gift card policies.