Our Digital Living events in our Raleigh and Charlotte stores were huge successes!  First, I want to thank all of you who came out (and there was quite a crowd in both stores!), and to thank all of the vendors who gave up personal time to come help us out.

We had people from Apple, Lutron, Control 4, Kaleidescape, Classe/B&W, Sonos, Peachtree Audio, and Audioquest doing presentations on the latest home entertainment technology from their companies.

I must say, I think the coming new Kaleidescape products are especially cool. Their new Blu-ray vault/player is really neat! Sonos also presented with us the first public appearance of their new speaker system that can be used mono or as a stereo pair. Peachtree showed off their new little DAC that promises to be great for the money. And as always, the Apple room was packed the whole evening as people learned all about diving deep into iTunes, and more.

All who attended had a great time, and we hope a lot was learned along with enjoying the good food.  In thinking about all the fun I had presenting our Signature system, I thought about this. When was the last time a local big box store (Best Buy, HH Gregg, etc.) or on-line electronics retailer spent over $10,000 per location to bring in the best people from some of the top high performance brands, giving customers a chance to meet them and learn about future technologies before anyone else? I cannot not think of such events….

Audio Advice events have become special evenings where you can meet industry leaders on a very personal level and catch up with old friends. We really appreciate everyone who attends, and as long as you keep coming, our vendor partners are more than happy to keep coming back. Can you guess why?  They love it too!  We always get great comments about the thoughtful questions and enthusiasm you have for improving your home technology. And when we have standing room only for lots of presentations, they like it even better!

Talking with Jett from AudioQuest before a new session

Talking with Jett from AudioQuest before a new session

Our next big event will be Music Matters, November 17th in Raleigh and the 18th in Charlotte. These will feature some of the top experts from the best manufacturers of high performance audio, and we’re working on having some that are new to our evenings. Watch the blog for more news as the days get closer.

We hope to see you with us in November at Music Matters, if not sooner!