For all but about 4 months of the year, the weather here in the Carolinas is just spectacular.  Most of us tend to spend a lot of time outdoors having fun entertaining with our friends and family.  When you are ready to take your outdoor sound to the next level, have we got something for you!

This summer, Audio Advice installed several of these new systems from JBL.  As you may know, most outdoor concert venues are powered by JBL speakers.  We’ve found the smallest version of one of their concert speakers to be a great choice when you want something better than a little rock speaker.

A perfect speaker for a large backyard will project very consistent sound over the entire space.  That is what is so cool about these new speakers.  They have the same perceived volume level at 75’ away as they do standing almost right next to them.  For most environments, you don't need many at all to rock the house!  Our recommended system consists of 2 or more of these little satellites and one or more subwoofers.  We power them with a professional grade amp with custom crossovers set up for each component.

The sound is nothing short of spectacular!  You will feel like you are at an outdoor concert in your own backyard.  It is just so far above and beyond anything produced by every other outdoor speaker we have ever heard it’s almost comical!  We are usually able to hide the subwoofers next to your home or pool house behind bushes and can do the same thing with the satellite speakers.  If you want something better than average but do not want to go with subs, the satellites actually get down to about 45hz, while still producing really impressive sound.

Pictured below is a system we just installed with 4 satellites and 2 subwoofers.  The sub is normally hidden, but we pulled it up for the photo so you could get a sense of its size. (It’s a dual 10” subwoofer!)  We came up with a great mounting method that allows you to pivot the satellites when needed.  This can come in really handy if you get mad at your neighbors and want to blow them out :-).   It all runs off two big amps and a Sonos zone player for all the music in the world, controlled by an iPad or iPhone (of course). This lucky client now can produce concert levels in the back yard!

The very cool custom mounting system our team came up with

The very cool custom mounting system our team came up with

We would love to design the ultimate outdoor sound system for you.  The really great part is that you can get into this for as little as around $1500 a pair (for the speakers only) and go up from there.  I promise you, you have never heard anything like it outdoors, unless you were at an outdoor concert!  If you want to explore more outdoor options, check out our blog from earlier this year on outdoor entertaining.