If you have taken the plunge into computer audio, you'll appreciate this post.

I guess you could say I got into computer audio way back when the first hard drive music servers started appearing on the market.  I remember sitting around and ripping my fairly large CD collection at 328kbs to put on an AudioReQuest system I had in my whole house music system.  Back then, when hard drive space was as valuable as gold, it was the highest rate you could use.  It was really convenient to have all of my music instantly available.

Later I ripped them all again using Apple Lossless. Later still, when hard drive space became almost free, I re-did them in Apple's totally uncompressed format, AIFF.  And now I'm replacing some of these with high resolution downloads from HD Tracks!

As you probably know, for most computer audio systems, you connect a small computer to a USB DAC using a USB cable.  If you have a large collection, you probably store it on a separate external hard drive. (And if you are smart, you'll keep that backed up!)

For playback, you need at least a single USB cable to go from the computer to your DAC.  Then, if you want to vastly improve the sound, you probably use either Pure Music or Amarra.

If you are like me, you've got all this set up, are thoroughly enjoying having instant access to all of your CDs, and are getting some incredible audio. Sound about right?

My friends at AudioQuest were kind enough to send me their best USB cable, which I had in place.  When I compared it to a stock USB cable, the difference was fairly easy to hear.  Then one day at my house, a box showed up from Transparent Audio.  In it was their new Premium USB cable (priced the same as the AudioQuest).  This cable was a true revelation!  The improvement it made in the sound was as big as turning Pure Music on and off!  I mean it was huge.  I went to see a dealer friend of mine the next weekend and took it with me.  We both heard the same thing when we inserted it into his system as well.  Since then, many of our clients have purchased this cable and all have been raving over the change.  If you are into computer audio, you really need to try the Transparent Premium cable!

It may look unassuming, but the difference will astound you!

It may look unassuming, but the difference will astound you!

A couple of weeks later, I got a box from AudioQuest that contained a package of their Q-Feet (a vibration absorbing system) and their best firewire cable.  These were pretty interesting as well. Putting the Q-Feet under my Mac Mini and external hard drive (it just took 2 per piece and there are 4 in a box) made another fairly decent improvement, although not as big as the USB cable.  Then I tried their firewire between the external drive and the Mac Mini.  This also upgraded the sound, although if I had to choose which one made the bigger difference, it was by far the Transparent Premium.

I invite you to talk to your consultant at Audio Advice and work out a home trial of this great new cable from Transparent.