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  1. Klipsch Heritage Now Available at Audio Advice!

    Klipsch Heritage Now Available at Audio Advice!
    Audio Advice is pleased to welcome one of the oldest and most respected speaker brands in the United States to our showrooms. You will now be able to experience the world-renowned Klipsch Heritage series in both our Raleigh and Charlotte locations.
  2. CES 2018 Recap

    CES 2018 Recap
    Our trip to Las Vegas for CES 2018 started with two days of rain — the first rainfall in 140 days in Las Vegas (apparently a record). We’ve now been back for just under a week, having traded in rain for snow here in North Carolina, and thought it would be the perfect time to do a recap of some of what we heard and saw at CES 2018.
  3. The Audio Advice Story: How it All Started

    The Audio Advice Story: How it All Started
    In the early 70s, things were still “60s groovy.” Electric Ladyland was still fresh on everyone’s mind. The Beatles weren’t together anymore, but the former members were releasing solo albums. This was the world Leon inhabited when he arrived at Wake Forest University to begin his freshman year. Rock and roll, vinyl LPs, Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, the Stones. Classic Rock wasn’t classic yet. It was just Rock.
  4. Observations from a CEDIA Newbie

    Observations from a CEDIA Newbie
    I’ve never been to an event quite like this. It felt like I had just stumbled into a grown-up version of FAO Schwarz (RIP). CEDIA opened with a flood of fellow nerds, streaming through the double doors and onto the floor, eager to be the first to pick the brain of their favorite brand rep. The Audio Advice team, however, didn’t have the same urgency. They were much more methodical and even-keeled, like a group of Jedi knights. “Be cool” I thought to myself, wanting to blend in while really thinking “let me at that new Sony 4K laser projector!” It was only when I took a step back and observed my colleagues that I began to see what made my team so unique.
  5. Digital Living 2015 Recap

    Digital Living 2015 Recap
    For those of you who were unable to make it to Digital Living in Raleigh and Charlotte on July 22nd and 23rd, or for those who could use a refresher of some of the cool things we showed, we want to share a few highlights for you

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