B&W’s P5 headphone was the company's first headphone in their over 40 year history.  It’s been such a success, they have followed it up with a less expensive model, the P3.  The P3 is, in many ways, similar to the P5. They saved some manufacturing dollars by using fabric instead of high grade leather, helping to keep the price a reasonable $199.99.  One neat new design feature is the way they fold right up for easy portability.   A new headphone driver was also developed for the P3 which sounds very natural.

The design goal of the P3 was to develop a headphone that traveled well and sounded great!  With the minimal weight, fold up design, and hard shell case, they have thoroughly succeeded.  Audio Advice can now be your place to compare great headphones.  We’ve got the full line of B&W headphones set up, along with models from PSB and Grado that fit just about every possible application and budget!