The team at B&W’s research facility in Steyning, UK have introduced what may be not only the coolest looking, but also best sounding all-in-one music player we have seen in a long time!  The new A7 has a beautiful, sleek design with no buttons or connections on the front at all!  How do they do this, you might ask?  It’s the magic of Airplay!  Just download the free B&W airplay app and you can stream music from your computer, phone or tablet.

The A7 has a 6” Kevlar subwoofer and 4 stereo drivers, all designed in house by the Bowers & Wilkins team.  When you combine this with a new audiophile DAC, 5 independent amps, and some Nautilus technology, you've got the best sounding all-in-one unit on the market. At $799, it can fill a pretty good sized room with great sound and not break the bank.  For smaller spaces, the A5 might do the trick (at $599), although we think the extra $200 for the A7 is well worth it for the step up in sound.  We've got the A5 and A7 ready to demo in both our Raleigh and Charlotte stores, and we invite you to visit and give them a listen.