Steve Silberman from Ayre Acoustics was one of the presenters at our Digital Home 2009 event on July 1st. Steve demoed Ayre's new QB-9 DAC and also gave tips about getting the best computer audio performance. Steve handed out the information below on a reference sheet for our event attendees. We're passing it along here, and hope you find it useful.

Ayre Computer Audio Reference

We would like to pass along a quick reference containing helpful websites that can make your use of the computer for audio playback more enjoyable. All of these sites listed below can be accessed at

We have created a setup tutorial for OSX, Windows XP and Windows Vista. Along with this we have also created tutorials for Jriver and Foobar. These are excellent options for getting the best sonic results from a Windows based music server system.

Instructions for Apple Computers:

Instructions for Windows Computers:


  1. This is an excellent site for converting files (this application will show up as "MAX"). For example, if someone were to download a high resolution file (24 bit 96khz) from a site such as HD Tracks-  the files are sent as a FLAC file. FLAC is not compatible with iTunes.
  2. HD Tracks offers a multitude of high-resolution albums for download.
  3. This is one of the best sites for downloading live concerts. Files are sent as a bit torrent. The following is a link explaining how to use these files.  . Here is a bit torrent reader that I suggest using.
  4. Computer Audiophile offers great information on computer audio related issues, computer setup and the maximization of performance for computer audio. Burning high-resolution downloads to DVD-A: For those of you operating in Windows For those working in the mac OSX world
  5. Wavelength audio. Wavelength Audio manufactures a full line of USB D/A converters using vacuum-tube audio circuitry. If you are a tube buff, you will find products here to make your heart beat faster. There is also additional setup information and tips a-plenty.

If you are ever in need of help with your computer audio system please feel free to contact me, Steve Silberman at [email protected] at Ayre Acoustics. I can be reached by phone at 303-442-7300