Electronic House Magazine picked Audio Advice for the Gold award for best home theater in the $75,000- $150,000 category. It’s always a great feeling to win a national award and this one is no exception, but this one feels slightly different because it was just so much fun to work on this project! Working on it didn't even feel like work!

The “work” began almost two years before the project was finished when I visited the homeowner to see his existing theater and talk about the goals for his dream theater. Max had been pouring over magazine articles and had pulled out several pictures on what his ideal theater would look like.

The original layout of the room

The original layout of the room

The first part you must complete on any theater, way before you decide on the look, is getting the “bones” of the theater properly done. To me, this is almost as much fun as the day you finish and get to show off your work. This involves talking about seating requirements, screen size, sight lines, primary seats to screen viewing ratio, speaker placement, projector placement, and obviously desired performance level. One of my favorite parts is the screen size, seats to viewing ratio, and screen height. Here I’ll work with the client to plot out the distance they like to be from the screen, the amount of their field of vision they want to the screen to take up, and height they prefer the screen to be off their viewing position. Then you have to take all that and make it work within the dimensions of the room and figure out if indeed you can fit all the seats they want to have in the room. Finally, and this is usually the most fun is the acoustics side of things.

If a room is a rectangle, and most theaters are, you can plot the better spots for seats based upon the best acoustic position. Getting this to line up with the visual aspects is usually a challenge, but that’s the fun part! Once this is done, the rest pretty much falls into place.

One of about 10 elevations I sent to Theo for his work to begin

One of about 10 elevations I sent to Theo for his work to begin

After I had done all this and had started to lay out the room, I knew that Theo would be the perfect guy to design the “look” of the room for Max. We already had the “bones” of the room laid out. We knew the screen size, its position, the seating layout, and the fact we were going to do my favorite screen type and make it micro-perfed so the speakers could be behind an acoustic screen. From there Theo used his decades of artistic talent to design a space that is just amazingly beautiful.

As you can read in the article, Max originally wanted to use his existing speakers. We wanted to hide the SIM2 LED projector behind the back wall of the room and the guys on our Charlotte team figured out a great way to do this and allow it to be serviced should the need ever arise.

Once we did our second installation round and the JBL Synthesis system was installed and calibrated, the result was just flat out spectacular! Now the sound matched the amazing picture. We’ve done a few more JBL Synthesis theaters since, with very similar products, and every time, I am just blown away by how well the Synthesis system performs, especially when we use a micro-perf screen.

Award Winning TheaterI’m very proud of our Charlotte team for helping this theater win a national award. Their craftsmanship and dedication to perfection is unsurpassed. If you’re curious to experience a theater like this, you can in either our Charlotte or Raleigh location. Maybe you will walk away scheming how you too can have a theater that wins a national award!

The best part, no matter what your budget may be for a theater, Audio Advice has complete front projection home theaters starting for as low as $9995. We take the same pride with every theater installation as we do with our most expensive ones, so you can rest assured, no one else can provide you with more for your money and get you an incredible home theater experience in your home!

Congrats again to the Charlotte team, and thanks to Theo Kalomirakis and Billy at Holevision Construction for their part in making this all come together!