This post covers advantages of improving power cables on an Apple TV.  

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If you are like many people, you probably have an Apple TV in your home. For $100, it’s an incredible device for bringing all kinds of streaming video into your system. When you think about a source in your system, like an Apple TV, you have to remember that whatever it sends out gets magnified by your TV or projection system. Typically the larger or more revealing the display is, the more flaws become apparent. For $100, Apple obviously could not afford to put the kind of upgraded power supply you might find in a top rated Blu-ray player. There is neither room, nor budget. The good news is, for around $75, you can give it a big helping hand!

All power cables act as an antenna and their typical geometry and wire make-up can even add noise as they pass power to your device. Better devices have filtering built in to handle some of this, but the Apple TV (and many other inexpensive video sources) have minimal power filtration. If you replace your generic power cord with the AudioQuest, you will see an improvement in the picture. You’ll notice deeper blacks, improved color, and less video noise. And if you do not, we will be happy to take it back! These are a great addition to a good system and work well on any video source with the typical power cord found on an Apple TV. They start at $75 for a 3′ model, so for the price of a decent dinner for two, you can improve your Netflix for years and years!