The AudioQuest DragonFly represents a whole new way of thinking about getting the best sound out of your computer.  There is literally nothing like it on the market.  AudioQuest teamed up with Gordon Rankin, the godfather of computer audio. Gordon is founder of a company called Wavelength Audio.  Wavelength was the first company to introduce USB DAC’s to improve computer music.  It's pretty interesting how this product came about.  The AudioQuest sales force spends a lot of time on airplanes traveling around to see their dealers.  They all are into music and keep large music collections on their computers.  Their question was, how could they make their music sound better while traveling?  The answer was the DragonFly.

The DragonFly looks just like a small USB thumb drive.  It has a mini output jack you can connect to a set of headphones, a power amp, preamp, powered speakers or a receiver.  Gordon was able to design 170 parts  into this very small device, resulting in a huge improvement over any computer's audio sound card.  It uses his asynchronous transfer method for perfect digital timing and even decodes files up to 192khz.  The demo at Music Matters was so impressive, lots of people picked up DragonFlys on the spot!  At only $249 it is truly the least expensive way to fully enjoy computer music.  Just plug it into your computer with a great set of headphones while you travel and get awesome sound.  When you get back home, take an audio cable from the DragonFly and go right into your audio system.  It even has a very high quality digital volume control so you can use the volume control in iTunes without degrading the sound!  Take a DragonFly and the new little PSB computer speakers and you’ve got a high performance desktop system for $549!