High Performance Audio

In this day and age of all kinds of distractions, sales of music, although the media has changed, are at an all-time high.  More people enjoy music now than ever before.  Back in 1978 when Audio Advice was founded, we believed nothing was more fun than a great stereo system.  Audio Advice has, without a doubt, the largest selection of high-performance audio components available for your audition in the Carolinas.   We’ve carefully chosen them through extensive testing (a great example here of how PSB speakers are now a part of our selection) and interviewing the mad scientists behind the equipment to make sure the company will be around when we need to service it.

We Love Music and We Love Listening

A well planned high-performance stereo system from Audio Advice can take your music enjoyment to a whole new level.   Our veteran sales team (with over 100 years combined experience in both our Charlotte and Raleigh branches) just live and breathe this stuff.

We love helping people plan their systems, and to help us out, we’ve got some great sound rooms full of gear in all price ranges.   In our stores you can hear state-of-the-art speakers from Bowers & Wilkins or a great budget amp from Rotel.  One thing we do take very seriously is our product selection.  We support North American based companies whenever possible.  Brand stability is another very important consideration.  Many brands come and go, but we choose to represent those that have stood the test of time and who back up their products with great service, like the 20-year warranty you’ll find on most products from Bryston.

Whole House Music

Enjoy your favorite music in any or all rooms of the house with our Whole House Music solutions. Great for entertaining, these systems allow you to connect to your music library and streaming services like Pandora, Spotify, and Tidal quickly and easily — right from your mobile device!

Sonos Play:1 Speaker - Whole House Music
Audio Research Tube Amplifier

Audio Components

Audio Advice was founded in 1978 as a two-channel high-performance stereo shop. Nearly 40 years later, we’re one of the few stores our size left in the country that still focuses on great audio components. From receivers and tube amplifiers to pre-amps and digital audio servers, we invite you to let our experts help you create a system you will enjoy daily for years to come.

High Performance Speakers

With the largest and best selection of high-performance speakers in the Carolinas, there is no better place to test drive your new speakers than Audio Advice. Simply bring your favorite music to one of our showrooms and let us help.

Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond white speakers
Linn Turntable

Turntables & Accessories

We are absolutely thrilled with the renaissance that vinyl and turntables have seen over the past couple of years. Like many of you, we believe there is nothing quite like the warmth of vinyl. Whether you’re just starting out with vinyl or you’ve been listening as long as we have, we’ve got just what you need.


At a time when marketing and celebrity endorsements seem to have taken over the headphone space, we pride ourselves on having the very best selection of high-performance headphones you will find anywhere.

Audeze LCD-3 Headphones
Transparent Cables

Cables & Power

A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. All too often we see great systems underperforming due to out-of-the-box cables and power supplies. We carry cables and power products from the best manufacturers in the business, including Transparent, Audioquest, Shunyata, and Panamax.

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