• Arm/disarm your security system from your phone
  • View security cameras from your phone
  • Unlike most other systems, wireless technology thwarts attempts to cut your phone or internet line

Audio Advice is dedicated to finding the best solutions in security as well as entertainment. You’ve probably seen the latest ads touting the ability to arm or disarm your home security system from your smartphone. This super cool feature is now very affordable. And for simple remote access, no one beats Alarm.com.

For existing security systems, in most cases we can simply add it. You can watch multiple live video feeds or view an event log, as well as remotely arm and disarm your system from laptop or phone. You can even arrange to receive email based on events happening or not happening. For example, you can get an email when your kids come home and enter their code, and also get one if they aren’t home by a certain time.

Many systems have some of these features, but few have our main reason for using Alarm.com. Most new systems rely on internet access to make contact with you or the authorities. However, alarm.com uses a wireless signal. If an intruder cuts phone or cable/internet lines trying to disarm the system, your wireless capability will still work fine. Check with your Audio Advice consultant to learn about this great, affordable way to make your family more secure at home.