Audio Advice has added Sonos Multi-Room Music System to our lineup of home entertainment options. I have to say, it’s pretty darn cool. Their concept has your music coming from either your computer or the internet. Sonos systems can play back music files from your computer, let you hear thousands of different internet radio stations, or most music services like Pandora or Rhapsody. All of those choices are really all most people need. The Sonos system is all wireless and very cost effective. If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, you can control it with a free app! It’s really easy to add to an existing system, so we invite you to come and take a look. We’ve got demo systems in both of our Raleigh and Charlotte stores so you can experience how easy and affordable  it is to bring all of this new music into your home. With Sonos you can put your money where it really matters-better speakers! (Leon)