• A sound investment
  • Improve TV with a minimum number of pieces

You’ve got that TV you watch a lot, but never got around to making it sound better since you didn’t have room for a nice pair of floor standing speakers. A sound bar may be the ticket for greatly improving the sound. Our current favorite is the Golden Ear Super Cinema 3D Array (shown above with Sandy Gross).  Couple the Array with one of their subs, and you’ve got an almost totally stealth system. It will blow you away with how good it sounds for its tiny size. The Array can fit under most TVs and we’ll help you find a great place to hide the subwoofer.

Other sound bar options at Audio Advice include the Panorama from B&W, MartinLogan MotionVision, and the Sonos PLAYBAR.  Each is self-contained, making adding it to your TV a snap for our expert installers. And when you clearly understand the dialog on that favorite British drama, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!