• Bring music back into your lifestyle
  • Access your entire CD collection
  • No matter how your house is wired, we can provide the latest music technology

It’s never been easier to fill your home with all the music in the world. Does this sound interesting? You bet it is!

The most popular brand at Audio Advice this year is Sonos.  When it comes to innovation in wireless music systems, they are second to none. No matter how your home was originally wired, how old your system, or if you have no wiring at all, we can fill your home with rich and full-bodied music in as many rooms as you like. And we can typically do it in less than a day!  With the new Sonos PLAYBAR we can even improve your TV sound while making that area an additional music zone. You’ll be able to control everything from your phone or tablet and blow your friends away with how easy it is to play the Beatles on the back porch and KISS in the kitchen!

With Sonos you can enter the new world of streaming music, putting Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, Sirius/XM and many more sources throughout your home.  It’s also simple to take all of your CDs and import them to iTunes for access anywhere you have a Sonos component. We’d love for you to hear a Sonos demo in either Charlotte or Raleigh. If you’re like many of our Sonos customers, you may write us a thank you letter for making it so easy to bring music back into your life. And the very best part? Sonos price of entry starts at just $350!