For once the 13th is a lucky date!

On May 13, 2015 a specification was quietly announced that we think will have a big impact on the future of your viewing experience. What was it? The spec for Ultra HD (4K) Blu-ray discs! The announcement was good news all around for several reasons.

For those of you with 4K TV sets and projectors, the wait for lots of content is just around the corner. We expect to see the new players by the end of the year. Better yet, they will be backward compatible with both the existing Blu-ray format and DVD, so all your old discs will play just fine on them.

The best news to me is the fact that it’s oriented to a physical disc and not just through a streaming method. Why do I want that? Something tells me that all the providers of internet services have been looking at all the Netflix streaming you have been doing and thinking about a way to charge you not only for speed, but for the amount of data you burn through. While Netflix eats up a bit of data, streaming a 4K movie (using the best current compression schemes) would chew up more data than a teenager on a face time binge! I don’t want to pay Time Warner a premium when I want to watch the best possible picture.

The spec also includes what they call a “digital bridge” to allow you to access the contect on portable devices as well.

I am sure we will see both Microsoft and Sony introduce gaming stations with Ultra HD capability. We’ve already heard from our friends at Oppo that they will have a new model later this year or at the first of 2016.

So for everyone who loves your new 4K system and how it upconverts your HD signal to 4K, even better content is just around the corner!