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The Paris offices of Devialet, a new Audio Advice vendor

A new category in two channel sound has arrived in our stores. It comes across the ocean from some very smart engineers in France. To say it’s just a new brand would be like calling the Tesla just another car!

The brand is Devialet. It may change everything you have thought about great sound. Devialet is known for four models of integrated amps that are also music streamers. While this may not be new, just wait till you see these guys! First, they use a patented circuit for the amplifier path called ADH, a combination of both digital and analog circuitry.  ADH uses an analog path for the output voltage with the digital system providing most of the current.  It’s the best of both worlds, allowing a very compact, elegant package.

The stunning Devialet 200

The stunning Devialet 200

Their next ground breaking technology is their SAM system. Devialet engineers have brought all kinds of speakers into their labs for analysis. These include most Wilson Audio models, B&W, and Martin Logan. Every speaker shows an amplifier a different load based upon how the crossover and drivers interact with the amp. So imagine this: what if your amplifier was perfectly optimized for your speaker characteristics?  This happens with SAM. Take a simple SIM card, download the speaker specs from the Devialet site, plug the card into the amplifier, and it’s perfectly matched to your amp!  Now that is taking technology to the max.

Let’s take this one step further. As Devialet engineers make improvements to the system, it’s just a matter of loading the upgrade onto the SIM card and plugging it back in. Instant amp upgrade! (Click here to visit the Devialet SAM page.)

Devialet has four models of integrated amps with prices starting at $6495. Beginning with the second model, they even have an upgrade path that takes you to mono blocks with more power. All have both digital and analog inputs that can be configured for a phono stage. They will give you access to all your digital files as well. You can choose the streaming input and receive a signal from your computer or your phone.

Finally, if all this great technology is not enough, the look and feel is beyond anything in the audio industry that sounds this good.  (You’ll have to play around with the remote to see what I mean.)

The design beauty of the Devialet remote

The design beauty of the Devialet remote

We set up the 200 watt Devialet in one of our small sound rooms on a pair of Martin Logan Theos. (These are the $6500 speakers from Martin Logan.) Everyone who listened thought the Theos sounded as good as the $15,000 Martin Logan Summit!  The sound is not what you may expect. It’s almost tube like in its effortless character with never a trace of digital hardness at all. It’s most impressive.

We have these set up for demo in both our stores. In some ways what Devialet has done reminds me of the Datasat. They use emerging technology for improvements we never dreamed of just a few years ago. If you want to know what the future of HiFi is like, come in, take a look, and listen!  What you will see is one box that does it all: matches up perfectly to your speakers (in most cases), has multiple upgrade paths, and is simply beautiful!