2015 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays, From Our Families to Yours.

This has been another great year at Audio Advice with lots of cool new toys coming on the scene. Dolby Atmos and 4K are making home theater way more fun than ever before and good ole stereo continues to progress with great new products like the B&W 800 50th anniversary series, the Vandersteen Quatro Carbon, Ayre's new Codex, and more new headphones than you can shake a stick at!

We hope you enjoy reading about some great toys that should be under every tree and from our families to yours, we wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season.

Bowers & Wilkins Special Headphone Promo

B&W sells a ton of headphones on Amazon and through the Apple stores.  As with anything being sold this way, they get a few returned for one reason or the other.  They take these back, sterilize them and package them in a nice gift case.  Audio Advice brought in a few of these last year and we could not distinguish them from new.  This year we decided to get a bunch of them to offer you a great holiday headphone deal.  We've got the P3 over the ear that is regularly $199 for $129 and the P5S2 which is regularly $299 for $199.  Get these while supplies last!

We've also greatly expanded our selection of headphones in 2015.  Our brands now also include Audeze, AudioQuest, Grado, Master & Dynamic, PSB and Sony.

Rega RP-1

A Great Vinyl Starting Point

The Rega RP-1 is just flat out one of the best turntable values on the planet.  Made in the UK from one of the worlds most famous turntable companies, the RP-1 has many features you would not expect to find on a table in the price range.  In stock with cartridge for $449

Ayre Codex DAC/Headphone Amp

The Codex is a DAC, a headphone amp, and a preamp all rolled into one.  It has both balanced and RCA outputs on the back to go to your preamp or it can even drive a power amp.  The front panel can drive a normal or balanced pair of headphones.  Ayre did everything for the best audio path, so if you decide to use it both as a headphone amp and preamp, you'll need to turn off the power amp when driving your headphones (which is no big deal).  $1795 for an American-made high-performance audio product that does all of this is just unheard of.  I'd suggest you get your Codex now before the price goes up!

Sonos NEW PLAY:5 Wireless Speaker

One of our most well-attended demonstrations at our last Music Matters was the room where Sonos was showing off their new Play 5 speaker.  It has been almost 7 years since the release of the original Play 5 and the improvements are substantial!  The form factor lends itself much better for use as a stereo pair.  Sonos also has added TruePlay to their PLAY:1, PLAY:3, and PLAY:5 speakers. TruePlay is a system to help the speaker sound great, even if it's not placed in an ideal spot. For $500 its the best all on one speaker we know of.  

JL Audio E Series Subwoofer

JL Audio subs are a favorite at Audio Advice.   While we all have fun debating among ourselves as to what the ultimate system would be, the one thing we all agree on is we all love JL subs!  The E Series allows you go get into great JL Audio performance for far less than in the past.  Starting at only $1499 these are great subs for the money and would make a nice large surprise under the tree!

AudioQuest Dragonfly 1.2 DAC

This is a cool little USB DAC you plug into your computer that can feed a set of headphones or even run over to your audio system with an RCA to mini cable.  It is just perfect for making your time on a plane with your computer sound a whole lot better through your favorite headphones.  The new 1.2 version has an improved DAC and is winning all kinds of awards for great sound.  Another great gift at only $149.

New B&W 800 Series Diamond

For the ultimate present, put a pair of the new 50th anniversary B&W 800 series under (or probably off to the side) of the tree.  These guys just sound amazing and would certainly make any music lover have a big grin on their face!

Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond

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