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This theater from the downtown Charlotte condominium featured in our stealth theater blog is filled with some of our favorite gear.  Jake Tepper worked with the homeowner to determine components that perform well and look great in the space!

The video display is the new 84” Sony 4K flat panel – far and away the best looking flat panel on the market.  For the main audio/video receiver an Integra receiver was used.  We love Integras for their great sound quality and very flexible set-up features that enable us to fine tune the system to your room.  The main speakers are a recent addition to the Bowers & Wilkins lineup, the CM10.  The new 10s offer most of the performance of B&W‘s next higher level at around half the price. They perform very well for both home theater and music systems. Deep bass is supplied by the new B&W in-wall subwoofer. This sub has dual 8” drivers and fits in a standard 2X4 stud bay.  It’s powered by a separate 1000 watt amp that sits with the rest of the gear.  A custom programmed Universal Remote Control provides easy operation of the system.

Another important aspect of a home theater is the seating. In this case, our favorite theater chairs were chosen for their impeccable construction quality. The result is the most comfortable theater seat you have ever sat in.  While they are not inexpensive (they do come from Germany) they are just amazing to settle down in!

Where all the gear lives

Where all the gear lives

This installation came together extremely well and is a wonderful addition to this downtown residence.  Sports, movies, video games, and all forms of entertainment can all be enjoyed on this great home theater, made up of some of our favorite theater things.