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Since its introduction a few years ago, the PSB Imagine series has garnered international acclaim for its build quality, striking cosmetics, and most importantly, outstanding audio performance.  Paul Barton, the brains behind PSB, recently added to the top and bottom of the Imagine series with two new speakers that are flying off the shelves at Audio Advice.

Each of the speakers in the Imagine series incorporates a custom designed woofer and midrange driver using a unique method of injecting polypropylene with clay to form a very stiff, lightweight cone.  They also all have beautiful curved cabinets, which not only look great but offer increased rigidity.

The Striking Imagine T2

The Striking Imagine T2

The Imagine T2  ($3500-$3800 a pair, depending on finish) is so good, PSB is having to redo the Sync 2, a model in their more expensive series.  These towers are available in dark cherry, walnut, black ash, gloss black and a very contemporary gloss white. They have a very small footprint, yet produce extremely deep bass.  Like all PSB speakers,  their incredibly natural sound rivals speakers costing two to three times more.  These are a great beginning to a state of the art music system. With the full line up of a matching Imagine center channel and surrounds, you can create an awesome home theater set up.  The Imagine T2 was honored earlier this year as the winner of a Best of CES 2012 Award from CEPro magazine. We invite you to come check them out with some of your favorite music: we know you will be as impressed as we are!

At the other end of the spectrum is a speaker we talked about in the last Earsay. The Imagine Mini is the cutest little speaker we have ever had at Audio Advice.  These tiny little guys produce huge sound, making them perfect for urban spaces where real estate is at a premium.  One of the most popular Audio Advice combinations is to pair them with a Sonos Connect Amp, producing beautiful sound that takes up almost no space at all.  They look especially stylish in the gloss white finish.  We are also putting quite a few in desktop music systems, making time in front of the computer a whole lot more fun.  The Imagine Mini is $780-$830 per pair (depending on finish). In the short time they have been out, have already received 12 rave reviews from the audio press!  Bring in your music and prepare to be impressed!