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This is our first of many posts giving you all an inside look at the challenges our design and installation teams tackle everyday.  We are attempting to post one of these every week, so check back often to see some of our cool work.

We had a homeowner in Charlotte who wanted to have the largest possible screen above the living room fireplace in the condo he was moving into.  The big challenge for our team was the fact this was a ground floor condo with beautiful plaster walls that could not be repaired if any damage occurred.  Todd Smith designed the system and presented the solution to the homeowner who gave us the green light.  Ryan Meacham was able to become a super hero installer and somehow wiggled in between the two floors to get the wiring where we needed it for all of the components.

Dave Stephens, Chris Kieffer, and Craig Needleman also put forth an amazing effort during this install.  In ceiling speakers were used to keep the formal look of the room intact.  We were also not able to cut into the ceiling to hide a screen housing, so we chose the beautiful Cabaret screen from Stewart Filmscreen.  The classy black gloss housing looks great in the room and the 120″ screen (the largest the Cabaret comes in) fills the space nicely.  The new SIM2 Crystal 45 was chosen for it’s great picture and beautiful enclosure.  Everyone loved the final result!

Here we show the screen in the up position

Here we show the screen in the up position