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In part 3 of our CEDIA wrap up we’re going to look at new products coming from on of our favorite speaker designers, B&W.  Their CT series of home theater speakers has been one of our favorite products here at Audio Advice.  You can read our thoughts in an earlier blog here: CT Series Home Theater. B&W has decided to take it up a notch in their in-wall series with a new model that is very similar to an 804 in a wall cabinet.  The enclosure uses their matrix technology which has been a big success in their floor standing speakers for many years.  The only catch is, the enclosure is so large, it needs to be put in at the time of construction or have the sheet rock cut away to install it.  They had these set up in their suite for audition.  I have to say, its one of the best in-wall speakers I have ever heard.  Performance was very much like their larger floor standing speakers.  It’s not clear if we will have these before the end of the year, but we look forward to having this additional offering from B&W.  Estimated price is around $5000 a pair with the big, elaborate back boxes.
The other new product they showed off is just a brilliant idea!  Many times we run into a situation where we need to hide a subwoofer.  Sometimes it will wind up in a cabinet and we’ll either try to vent the cabinet or prevent the cabinet doors from rattling.  B&W’s new solution is just so cool.
What a great idea! A built in sub that does not rattle anything!

What a great idea! A built in sub that does not rattle anything!

They have a plain black box that can mount two different ways inside a cabinet.  If you cabinet is deep, it goes that way, or if tall and skinny, you can mount it that way.  You cut a 2” by 12” hole in the bottom of the cabinet and another in the front where you have a grate that looks like an HVAC vent.  This right angled tube drops in and connects to the subwoofer cabinet and vents out through the grate.  B&W has become famous for developing a new technology then filtering it down into affordable products.  They have done it again with this new subwoofer.  They released a subwoofer last year at around $4000 that uses a unique push pull configuration of two drivers to reduce cabinet resonance.  They are using this same configuration in the new cabinet subwoofer with 2 8” drivers.  What is great about this is you can crank up the sub to very high levels and there is zero cabinet vibration!  The amp for the sub is in a separate box that you locate with the equipment and just run a heavy gauge speaker wire over to the sub.   Unlike every other vented sub I have heard, this one performed incredibly well.  We were playing some cuts where you could hear the same details in bass definition you would expect to hear in a high performance subwoofer.  The ability to make it invisible is just icing on the cake!   This new sub should be shipping very soon at around $2000 for everything.  This was one of the best “problem solvers” I saw at the CEDIA show!.