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Keeping up with all the games during March Madness can come close to wearing the numbers off your remote control.  In our Charlotte showroom, we have a far better solution!  We’ve implemented this for lots of clients, and it is the coolest thing going for the sports fan or video game enthusiast.

The set up is a great surround sound system using the new B&W CT 7 series of speakers.  Add a large front projection screen and flank it with smaller TVs on either side.  So far, that’s pretty simple.  We then add three cable boxes (and again, that’s not too complicated).  What makes it cool are the last two ingredients.  First, we connect all three cable boxes to a video matrix switcher. Then, the icing on the cake is our control interface.  Audio Advice has just launched our new Signature Series iPad app and it takes this room to a new level.

So imagine this.  You’ve got three different games going.  The game on the main screen is losing your interest, but you see the score of the game on the smaller TV on the right is getting tight.  By pushing our  “SWAP” button, instantly the pictures of the two TVs flip and the tighter game is now on the big screen.  Each cable box has its own “control” button to take you to the control page pop up for that specific box to get you tuned into the channel you want to view.  The sound always follows what is on the big screen so you can keep up with the action.  Hundreds of lines of programming code make all this happen seamlessly for you.

March Madness Total Control with our Signature iPad app

March Madness Total Control with our Signature iPad app

This is a fantastic way to turn some unused space in your home into what will certainly be the coolest sports bar in your own neighborhood!