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Checking weather on the Signature Series 2 Plus iPad system

Checking weather on the Signature Series 2 Plus iPad system

The Audio Advice Signature Series™ Crestron automation system was developed to be the easiest to use, most reliable, and most powerful home automation and control system available. It was a huge success among homeowners seeking the very best home automation technology. Since introducing Signature Series™, Audio Advice has invested countless hours incorporating technology’s latest advances while monitoring future developments. The latest result: Audio Advice Signature Series 2 Plus™.

Signature Series 2 Plus™ can be controlled by dozens of handheld and wall control devices. The current undisputed control device leader is the iPad. Signature Series 2 Plus™ takes advantage of recent iPad advancements, enabling flick and scroll capabilities for source selection, zone selection, camera viewing, weather information, etc. Both iPad and iPhone controls can be used remotely (at a vacation home or on the road, for instance) to set lighting to an away mode, to set the security system or to check cameras.  This is one of the only systems in the market that can do this securely, even over 3G.


By testing the system in the Signature Series™ home, Audio Advice enables clients during a home tour to see everything exactly as they will receive it. In 2010, Audio Advice invited a diverse group of automation clients for focus group testing of Signature Series 2™, which surpassed the original Signature Series™ ease of use. Signature Series 2™ immediately created a queue of first time adopters and legacy client upgrades.  Signature Series 2 Plus™ is backwards compatible for all legacy Signature Series 2™ systems, surpassing all available iPad home automation control solutions.


Signature Series 2 Plus™ represents thousands of hours of work by Audio Advice to make Signature Series™ your ideal home control solution. Indulge in luxury with one touch. By pressing one button on your Signature Series™ iPad, lights dim, shades close, the flat-screen turns on and you relax as your favorite movie begins. Listen to music while you read in the den, the children play games in the media room, and your spouse listens to the radio outdoors. Control music from any room – choose your source, select songs or albums, change tracks or adjust volume. Watch what’s going on around the home on security cameras from your Signature Series™ iPad. Monitor your front door, check the children by the swimming pool, or watch the baby napping in the nursery. These are just a few enhancements the Signature Series™ experience brings to your home and way of life.

Because much video, music and other media content is streamed online, a high performance, high reliability home network is critical. In large homes, a single wireless access point is insufficient. When moving from single to multiple access points, the complexity of maintaining seamless connection and high speeds increases greatly. Audio Advice’s Signature Series™ Cisco network provides speed, security and scalability unmatched by any other home automation solution.

Make an appointment to experience Signature Series 2 Plus™ by contacting an Audio Advice system consultant. In Raleigh, call (919) 881-2005, in Charlotte, call (704) 821-4510, or fill out the contact form here on the website at the Contact Us page. Learn more about Audio Advice here on the website, our Audio Advice Facebook page, and the Audio Advice entry at Wikipedia.

Room and system access buttons on the iPad

Room and system access buttons on the iPad