PowerQuest 3 Filter & Surge Suppressor

AudioQuest's PowerQuest 3 uses their Ultra-Linear power filtration to remove distortion and does so far more effectively and consistently than typical power conditioners. This assures dramatically improved performance. Unlike traditional surge protectors, non-sacricial surge suppression prevents high voltage and current from damaging your equipment and ensures your PQ-3 won't wear out or fail over time. See and hear everything as it was intended with PowerQuest.
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Extreme Voltage Shutdown
One portion of the PQ-3's non-sacricial surge protection is dedicated to a fast-acting extreme voltage shutdown circuit. If more than 140VAC is present on the incoming AC line for more than a quarter of a second, the circuit will instantly open a high-current relay that will disengage the AC power from all of the PQ-3's AC outlets, activating the red LED "Overvoltage Protection" warning indicator. Once the event has passed, or the building wiring fault has been corrected, the circuit will automatically re-engage.

High-Speed USB Ports
Four ports can be used for fast charging of USB A devices. The maximum current draw for the four charging ports is 4.8 amps total.

Signal Line Surge Protection
The 75-ohm coaxial connectors, RJ11, and RJ45 jacks are to provide some additional protection in locations where lightning could strike either the home or office in which the PQ-3 is used. These are sacricial surge devices. Coaxial connectors are for series connection to either cable or satellite signal. RJ11 are for incoming telco, and RJ45 are for incoming network connection.

Common-Mode Noise Dissipation
In excess of 22dB reduction from 30kHz-100MHz.

Differential-Mode Noise Dissipation
In excess of 22dB reduction from 30kHz-1GHz. Both filters linearized for dynamic (rising) line impedance with frequency from 0.05 Ohms (source) and 10 to 50 Ohm load, (system current dependent).

4K/8K Video Optimized Outlets
In addition to the Ultra-Linear Filters, these outlets offer additional Noise-Dissipation technology to maximize TV performance.

  • Input Current Maximum Capacity: 15 amps RMS
  • Doesn't Fail: Never Needs Replacement
  • Unlimited Joule Rating
  • $1,000,000 Connected Equipment Warranty
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