Lighting & Shading Control

Revolutionize the Way You Manage Light in Your Home

Lighting control (including shading systems) is one of the fastest growing areas in home technology. These systems give you unprecedented control, provide superior lifestyle, security and energy savings benefits.  Lighting control is also probably one of the most difficult technologies to understand unless you have lived with a well designed system.

Audio Advice is also the largest residential Lutron dealer in the Carolina’s so we have a ton of experience in helping you get the most out of lighting control.

Easy Installation

Today’s wireless technology makes lighting control available to a wide audience. Always a must have for large custom homes, easy to use lighting control can now be retro fit into any size existing home for far less cost than in the past!  It’s just a simple matter in most cases of replacing your existing light switches with smart dimmers and you are all set.

It Looks Just Great!

Audio Advice brings a level of expertise from installing more lighting control and shading systems than any provider in the Carolinas to make your custom system simply amazing. Working with your architect and electrical contractor, we can transform ordinary lighting into an elegant system of lighting control that enhances your home’s beauty and gives you freedom to easily set any mood you desire.  It is just astounding how much of a difference in the appearance of both the interior and exterior of your home can be enhanced by a great lighting control system.

Audio Advice has been doing lighting control since it’s infancy, and has installed more systems than any other dealer in the Carolina’s.  We’d love to help you save energy, add a degree of safety, and just greatly enhance the appearance of your home with a lighting control system from Audio Advice.

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Form With Function

Lighting control gives you the ability to add to the beauty of your home and décor with an infinite variety of customized room and whole-house lighting scenes. One touch can dim lights for a soft romantic dinner, while another can illuminate your home for entertaining.  With the new iPad apps available from Lutron, it’s simpler than ever to control your lighting.

With a well planned lighting control system, you can also eliminate the clutter of the typical bank of switches and replace them all with one elegant keypad.  Lutron offers dimmers in a huge range of colors to match your color home’s color palette or they can even custom make them to match a specific paint color.


This is an often overlooked benefit, but did you know you’ll never come home to a dark house with an Audio Advice lighting control system?  That’s right, our little car clicker will let you turn on a pathway of lights when you pull into your driveway.  We can make one button give you a pathway of light so you don’t stumble in the dark, and better yet, you can just wait till you are at your bedside to shut down all the lights in your home with one simple button push on our Lutron table top keypad.  Press vacation when you leave and your house will play back preset lighting scenes with slightly random timing to give your house a lived in look while you are away.

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