About Us

At Audio Advice, we love bringing home technology to life. We are the premier home technology specialist and integrator in the Carolinas, having received more local and national honors than any other provider. We were named Best Specialty A/V Retailer in the United States by TWICE Magazine and have won the Bravo award from Metro magazine as best place to buy a home media system each year since its creation.

Product Selection

Curated Products

As the largest premium home electronics provider in the state, we are able to carry a great selection of brands and product lines that meet our stringent requirements.  We thoroughly test new products as they enter the market and we work hard to choose the best products at each price point for our customers.

When you come into our stores, you will find a large selection of products but can rest assured that we have already vetted the products for you to be the best in their category.

World-Class Showrooms

Our world-class showrooms in Raleigh and Charlotte allow our customers to fully experience an incredible selection of premium home theater, audio, and home automation products. Our expert consultants can walk you through every detail and provide immersive demonstrations that not only show you what our products and services can do, but how we can integrate everything seamlessly with your life.

deluxe show room

Audio Advice Founder Leon Shaw & CEO Scott Newnam

Superior People Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

The real key to Audio Advice success is our people and their unwavering dedication to our customers. We employ over 50 people, many who have been with us for decades.

Since we first opened our doors in 1978, everything at Audio Advice has been aimed at providing great customer experiences. It started with our founder, Leon Shaw, who’s favorite part of the job has always been getting our customers as excited about the world of home entertainment as he is.

Installation Capabilities

Over the past 30 years, we have built the best installation team in the country.  When you invest in home electronics, the installation is usually more important than the product.  If you’ve ever walked into a nice home and seen wires hanging from television or a bad installation, you know it instantly.  With prices in home electronics having come down so much over the past decade, customers have been able to get better bang for their buck by having companies like Audio Advice deliver their entire system.  With that, you get a better looking end product, a better sounding system, and a better performing system because we know the right cables, power systems, hookups etc.  Take a look at some of the hundreds of reviews done on us and you’ll get a sense of how much people value our installation team.

Unmatched Service

We are committed to the best customer service in the industry–period!  If you’ve a owned a home for any period of time, you realize that the best vendors are the ones that provide spectacular service after the fact.

For our customers, service means three things:

  1. ability to fix and maintain the products we sell you
  2. going the extra mile when you have a problem
  3. maintaining the only dedicated 24/7 on call service team in our industry in the state.

We sell full system solutions for customers that are long term investments.  As such, it’s imperative to our customers that we can help them maintain and upgrade their systems over time.  For 95% of the companies in our space, their job is to sell you a product and move on.  Electronics break and things go wrong in life.

From his founding of the company, Leon Shaw has taught exceptional customers–especially when something goes wrong.  We want long term customers.  ”It can be as simple as bringing a lunch to a client at their home,” he says. Or it can be something more complex, and more remarkable to the customer. “We had a client with guests at his house whose system went down during a lightning storm,” recalls Leon. “We were able to dial into his system while we were on the phone with him and correct the problem instantly.”